Happening Foundation

Much like great storytelling, creating a significant Happening starts with a solid foundation. Sparked by a wide array of causes. All following three key steps: beginning, middle and end. In many ways, an event is a live life story unfolding.

Events vs Happenings

The definition of an event usually is defined as a happening of importance. When I think of events, things like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and graduation award ceremonies with medium to large attendance come to mind. As events became my life’s work, I found a much greater appreciation for their inherent ability to unite and reside […]

Less is More

A good friend of mine recently shared a story with me about how a person was writing a letter and at the end said “I apologize that the letter is so long I just didn’t have time”. How ironic but true. Our ideas and thoughts are so often brought to life in a flurry of […]

Better We than Me

Everyone knows the phrase “stuck in your own head”. There’s so much truth to that statement. The greatest and most exciting life altering conversations I have ever experienced have always been in the company of somebody else. Conversely some of the most damaging and uninspiring ones have taken place with my good old buddies between […]

Happiness through Togetherness

I’ve had the good fortune recently to be connected with some truly inspiring people. One of them is Luis Gallardo the founder of the World Happiness Summit also known as WaHaSu.

The New Standard

I had a very interesting conversation the other night with my family at the dining table. My parents are in town to visit and we began talking about traditions as they pertain to dining and culture. There has been a long-standing debate between my wife and I as to which is the more desirable way to […]

Happening Feng Shui

Energy plays such a significant role in a happening. Feng Shui is a Chinese belief that aligns material elements with natural elements in order to create balance and harmony. I have a process that was inspired through Feng Shui that I apply to all of my happening Designs. Below are the three key elements:

Come One Call All

Such a common phrase but so hard to live by. Over the years I have been working tirelessly to create a more efficient and effective process for consumers to be able to take advantage of the great talents and resources available in an organized and informative way. Conversely, this process would allow for talents and […]

Thank You, Dad

This past week I had the difficult task of wishing my father bon voyage from our journey here together on this heaven on earth. I know it sounds cliché but I am so grateful for the time we had together. By the time I came into the picture my father’s career as a renowned Interior […]

A Five Star New Years Eve

This past week I had the good fortune of being invited to an event every night leading up to the grand celebration of New Year’s Eve. The events are produced by Five Star and this is their fourth year producing the event in Miami and first year in Orlando. The Five Star team originated back in […]