Happening Foundation

Much like great storytelling, creating a significant Happening starts with a solid foundation. Sparked by a wide array of causes. All following three key steps: beginning, middle and end. In many ways, an event is a live life story unfolding.

I often like to jump to the end and work my way to the beginning. This process allows for you to create the peak first and the build up to it after. The main benefit in doing this is you get to guarantee your end result hitting your desired mark.

Imagine a firework show that has a crescendo in the beginning or the middle and so the show slowly dwindles down to the end. With human nature I find it always best to leave them wanting more, thus ending the Happening on the highest note possible.

So let’s start at the end. I like to add in a key performance that will resonate to all, fun ideas like balloons and confetti or a room filled with feathers floating, come to mind. Champagne pouring over while decadent chocolates are passed out in a boldly colorful environment saturated with the joy of life – what would be better!

Middle: This is where we have to deal with some structure and a great way to do that is with food. Food can unify a group by experiencing culinary delights, simultaneously when paired with beverages the results can be quite intoxicating. Add in beautiful fresh flowers at their peak while people’s faces are glowing in candle light. A live performance in the background will serve as a great ice-breaker and eventually conversation piece.

In the beginning… I like for the initial transition to be subtle. This is the time to meet and greet and get people present. Here is where the stage is set for the story to unfold. Arriving guests are greeted with welcome hospitality from the moment they step in. Water and wine offered effortlessly, bars, buffets or passed scrumptious treats available to all. Create a large center item of decor to emphasize the special occasion with subtle music playing in the background, as the hosts work their way through the room, making each and everyone just feel that there participation is what is making this moment so special.

As far as the significance, the cause could be an array of things, from a birthday party or an anniversary to a fundraiser or even a wedding. Provided the proper foundation is put in place, the particular cause for celebration will be allowed to flourish!

Experience life’s present from beginning, middle to end!


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