Hello to all,

Years ago, I moved out to New York City with a backpack and the hope of creating a new life. After many attempts, I had the good-fortune of entering into the production studio of Robert Isabell. With grace on my side, he offered me a job working on a royal wedding he had in production. The project was a three-week build and opened a brand new world for me that by the end of the wedding, my life had been changed forever. Through this experience, I realized I had been given an opportunity to combine my organizational skills, technical skills, and my passion for design, with the purpose of creating and elevating a moment.

Over the years, I’ve had the honor to work in some of the most spectacular palaces on our planet for some of the most amazing people. I have become so enamored with the human condition, and how we instinctively get behind a cause, punctuate that moment, and create a memory that we get to keep with us for the rest of our lives. People seek my services in times of celebration. In these elevated moments, I have had the pleasure to assist in turning dreams into reality. I will never be able to relay the utter joy I have experienced producing and designing incredible Happenings. It is my hope, that through this blog, I can share with you some of the valuable lessons I have learned along the way. If, in any way, this information can excite or entice you to gather your community together and celebrate, my efforts will be a success.

Experience life’s present,

Tom Noel