Happiness through Togetherness

I’ve had the good fortune recently to be connected with some truly inspiring people. One of them is Luis Gallardo the founder of the World Happiness Summit also known as WaHaSu.

This past week was the first ever summit, held in Miami with over 1000 participants and global leaders in the mindfulness, wellness and most importantly happiness space. The World Happiness Summit concept is simply put, happiness first! Every time I practice this principal, the results speak for themselves. It got me to think: in a world that is so dynamic and ever-changing what a brilliant idea to push away all of the things that categorize and contain us into particular groups which can ultimately pull us apart, and instead focus on the one thing that all humans can relate to: happiness. This simplicity definitely relates to the intrinsic results I have found when people gather and get present. We can easily find happiness through togetherness. As the first World Happiness Summit came to a close,I felt a connection with my fellow man and an eagerness and excitement towards increasing happiness and it’s limitless supply and life altering characteristics. Thank you Luis for the vision and inspiration to spread happiness, and for including me and my team with it. We wish you and your beautiful movement all the inertia to grow and help us all to live in a happier place!

Experience Life Present,