White Light Experience

Eight years ago, I had what I relate to as the white light experience during which past, present, and future all became crystal-clear. My vision for the destiny of the special events industry, and what steps needed to be taken for me to embrace it were invited into my conscious. Ever since then I have put a plan into motion from that day forth. Now many years, countless hours, and millions of dollars later with a tremendous team by my side; from the Happening, Vendor Acquisition, and General Manager, to the Communications, Design, CTO, Technical, Legal, and Accounting teams, not to forget a great group of advisers all of whom so generously offered their much needed experience. Now the service has been tested and proven over 500 times with outstanding results in five major markets. We are ready to bring forth the next wave, allowing for beautiful affordable Happenings for all!

Sounds great, sounds impressive right? Certainly myself and everyone else here think so! We have had so many people make such sacrifices, leaving families at home, in some cases even leaving countries of origin, to come and join together to build our vision into reality. Myself, and everybody have downsized our lives in order to dedicate the time and resources necessary to create, build, test, refine, and implement. 

Now with a first to market, proven concept, and strong team in place; a one, two, and three year conservative plan and projections – We set out to take the next step to bring in capital and set up our financial partnerships. My thought going into this, after hearing about millions of dollars being raised on ideas scratched together on cocktail napkins, as well as my own business experiences, striking deals in the millions over a handshake. After eight years of work and all the key ingredients in place, there would be a line out my door with people eager to invest in what I know to be a tremendous opportunity.

My initial thought could not have been more off-base, “wow” raising money to bring big ideas to reality is hard work! I cannot tell you the amount of meetings that we’ve had with people so overwhelmed and impressed with what we have done. I leave the meeting – believing they really get it, they understand why we all put everything we have on the line –  you’re the perfect candidate. Only to spend the following 2 to 3 weeks trying track those individuals down and have them come back and say “you guys keep doing what you’re doing, keep up the good work, and come back to talk to us a little later”.

I have to tell you it can be overwhelming presenting one’s hard work boiled down into a monetary ask. However, I didn’t get this far in my career by letting the no’s get in the way of the end goal. I have built an entire business around making the impossible possible – this is what makes an event great and in turn will make this company great as well. Thank God for my team, supportive network of friends, family, and advisers. Their continual support fuels my fire to continue to persistently turn this vision into reality.

I heard this quote along the way and I added it into my repertoire: “Being ignored is the price you pay for seeing the future first”

Onward and upward!