Traditional versus Modern Wedding

The bond of marriage is created on a foundation of tradition, that has evolved through modern inspiration. When thinking about the topic of modern versus traditional. I can’t help but remember the phrase something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. All suggestions I do believe have value, but for now let’s focus on the something old and something new.  Have you ever look back at pictures of weddings from maybe your grandparents? your parents? or older family and friends?

I do this often as it helps keep me in touch with how much we as a people change, and in relatively short periods of time. Take for example wedding images spanning 10 years of timeframe and look at the 50s 60s 70s 80s and so on. You will see styles and trends affecting wedding parties, bands, decor, food, attire, the hairstyle’s and even the flowers.
Looking at some of these photo’s I always see things that make me laugh and say to myself “Oh my God! We really wore that?” While gazing at a groom wearing a beige tuxedo with brown piping, a ruffled shirt, and a bowtie that is so big that one would only imagine it should be accompanied with a big red nose and a pocket full of baloons.
I also see things that make me nostalgic. That little patina on an image that captures the style of the time that conjures up memories of a period gone but not forgotten. The indistinguishable post modern style with it’s throwback 50s flare! I can almost feel the satin on Madonna’s pink dress as she is lifted down by the boys in their tuxedos.
Then there are the timeless moments, that image that you look at, that is just as relevant today as the day it was taken. That image where newlyweds are looking at each other filled with so much love, compassion and joy! Their expression’s and their emotion almost jumps out of the image and erases everything else in the frame. This is classic! And it’s what keeps me so enamored and grateful to be a part of such a joyful and significant occasion in a couple’s life.
Weddings are the public pronouncement of a union. And it is important to remember this union takes place at a specific time. All weddings have particular balance between traditional and modern. What determines that balances as different as the individuals themselves.  Take for example a wedding procession, you might choose to use a traditional song for your procession. However, you can add a modern twist to it by having the two of you walk down the aisle together.
The Beautiful part about all of this is what today is modern, The next generation will be traditional. Therefore it is not so much modern versus traditional, as it is a combination of both. How you choose to combine them will ultimately set the tone for the memory.
Most importantly is to be true to who you are and celebrate the special time we are in!
Magical memories to all,