The power of we!

As far back as I can remember I’ve always been challenged by my shyness, the security of grabbing onto my mom or dad’s leg when meeting someone new. Through my teens my shyness tendency often would overwhelm me. Things like the first day of school, or attending the dance were often dreaded as much as anticipated. The concept of burying my head in the sand, or the desire to just be a wallflower, frequently loomed in the forefront and was ever present in my subconscious. This is one of the many characteristics of my being that I don’t completely understand, but have learned to accept and co exist with it. How ironic is it being created by togetherness, my relationships, food and shelter, transportation almost all vital components are a result of togetherness through a community. Yet often, I find myself overwhelmed or fearful of the connection.

My involvement in the event industry has played a significant role in my understanding how to cope with my shyness. In my early 20s, I started working in the event industry, and very soon on realized that if I had a roll or service to play in a happening, I felt much more comfortable. Given a focus and a purpose during the happening allowed my overwhelming self-consciousness and fears to disappear. Over the years a funny thing happened, I realized the main objective of these events were not about any one thing in particular, but more to do with the power of we. What I am speaking about is that intangible uniting energy, that happens when a group of people gets together.

Focusing on this energy has been my primary coping tool. I have become so enamored with our ability to conjure this power; it now feels to me to be an inherent human condition. The ability to let go of myself, and get into the greater good has been a life altering revelation. It was this ability above and beyond my passion for design, that propelled me to make happenings my life’s work. I’ve become more comfortable with understanding my shyness, I am able to discuss it with others and now realize that I am not alone. Almost all of us in some way shape or form, can relate to the feeling of being uncomfortable, and heightened self-awareness in group situations. I am a strong believer of the concept of, nothing great without great effort, and the greatest challenge in one’s life is to overcome oneself. Today by accepting my shyness, it has diminished to a non-defining characteristic. It’s a gift to have found that this acceptance, I am able to share in the liberating energy of oneness. In our technically enhanced world where isolation and self-awareness can easily creep up, I implore all of us to engage in true togetherness and relish in the power of we!!


Experience life’s present!


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