Secrets to a Successful Wedding

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In this day and age, where we are catered and tended to on all aspects of our lives, it is easy to get lost in ourselves. You know the feeling we all get, from a one-sided conservation. When creating your wedding, focusing on the day for yourself rather than for your friends and family, will produce the similar results of a one-sided conversation.  One of the most important and keen secrets to a great wedding , is not to focus on you, but on the family and friends who will be celebrating with you!.

I am always in awe by the mere fact that we  find  our one true love amidst the billions of people on this wonderful planet of ours. Our relationship is the greatest gift of all! Now is the time for both of you to share your good fortune with your family and friends.

In order to create a successful wedding that your guests will enjoy to the fullest, I have provided tips to effectively do this.

  1. Timing is everything: When considering the timing of your day, act as if you were a guest attending. You will find gaps and times where the momentum will fade. Remember that this is a live happening and your guests excitement will greatly enhance the result. Keep the ball rolling and energy high. Avoid gaps, and things like speeches and  traditional ceremonial elements can sometimes can be condensed or removed.
  2. Everyone is important: Although it is impossible to have everyone sit next to you.  Look for the less desirable locations, and see if you can even it out. If some tables are somewhat removed from the center of the action, putting a Family Member or Wedding Party guests at these locations, will balance out the environment and make guests in those areas feel honored.
  3. The eyes connect us: Always be thinking about site lines. Everyone should have equal visual access. If your guest count and attendees allow for a standing ceremony, you might want to consider this. I have found that this is an opportune way to connect with your guests during this special time. Standing ceremonies are very intimate because they allow you and your guests to be at the same eye level while eliminating front row and back row seating. Most ceremonies are only about 10- 15 minutes long so don’t be concerned about it being too long to stand. Physically challenged guests are the exception and it is easy to provide chairs for those individuals.  
  4. Acknowledge everyone: During food service, it is a great opportunity to thank everyone for being a part of your wedding. It might play into your meal time. but during the food service, it is a great opportunity to go from table to table. You and your partner can separate and make the rounds to be more efficient. This is a little gesture of appreciation that can make all the difference.
  5. Embrace your team: Lastly, be aware of all people who is helping put your special day together. The more you can incorporate and let them know how appreciative you are, the better results they will bring.

From my experience in doing hundreds of weddings year-round, I truly believe that these secrets are essential in creating your successful and unforgettable wedding. Along the way, I have learned that there is limited possibilities in “me,” and unlimited potentials in “we.”



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