Spring is in the Air!

With the holidays now past and welcoming in the New Year, planning season is upon us! Each season brings individual characteristics to form the backdrop for your perfect and ideal happening. Spring is just around the corner and with it, brings a new life.

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Similarly, a wedding announces a new way of living and with this, a new union forms a new community. As the buds in the trees form, and bulbs burst through the ground, Spring begins to bloom! We too as people bloom in a way, as we begin to fully and freely embrace friends and family in the beautiful energy and excitement of springtime!

As your process begins, it is important to pick the right location. A well chosen location will set the backdrop for your entire wedding. I recommend to always be looking for the optimum scenario but to not become so attached to your vision that you don’t want to consider what it could be like, in the event that all desired results are not present. People often want to tempt fate and try to will the day of their dreams. My experience has let me to embrace mother nature’s will, and plan for a worst case scenario that will still allow for your big day to be a success! Remember, only you know what the range of plans were and your guests will experience the best outcome of your plans on this day.

I always say things happen for a reason and in hindsight, that reason is always the best! Your miracle has happened and you have found your true love! Now enjoy this gift and have fun sharing it with you and yours family and friends!


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