Picking Space

I like to think of Happening spaces in three primary categories. First a raw space, second an event space, and third a multi-service venue. All of these can be indoors or outdoors, and in many cases a combination of both.

Raw space:

Anything from a field to a parking lot, a warehouse, a photography studio or a rooftop, just to name a few. The idea of raw space is to utilize the space “as is” and create the ambience in conjunction with the space’s inherent elements. From a budgetary standpoint, raw space is typically the most economical.

Event space:

Ranging from gardens to halls, event space is space that has been specifically designed with the intention of people gathering. Typically, an event space has primary design aesthetic to build from, as well as provides additional elements to support your overall vision. Event spaces typically fall in the middle bracket of venue pricing.

Multi-service venue:

The most traditional venue type path for the special event industry, multi-service venue ranges from hotels to clubs to restaurants. These typically provide a wide variety of services, such as food, floral, and guest services. Multi-service venues also come with a complete visual aesthetic. Due to these inclusive features, multi service venues are very convenient, and in kind tend to garner the highest cost.

Now with the three categories identified comes the important part. At a first glance you might think the choice is simple. Consider this: for most weddings, the two primary costs relate to venue and food/beverage services. It is important to understand these services, and all costs within the complete parameters of your vision. Following this process will allow you to make the best decision. All three categories have benefits and obstacles to take into consideration. For example, the raw space can often be looked at as the simple solution, however it often does require additional management and services in order to properly convert the space. The more comprehensive one gets when evaluating a raw space, the more positive the outcome will be. When considering an event space, I strongly suggest you choose one that matches your vision. Choosing a complementary space will minimize your production and therefore, simplify the execution while maintaining cost efficiency.

Make sure when choosing an event space that you have all other services estimated, as the cost can climb up quickly. For the multi service venue, which is the most traditional, that you can rely on the venue’s reputation to deliver a satisfactory result on all services offered. This peace of mind can be very helpful in minimizing the complexities, however there are some other factors to consider. Due to the fact it is the most traditional, the results tend to be more common and that peace of mind could come with a price tag.

Over the years I have found that we are not limited to choosing just one. I am often combining different space options within one wedding. For example, when looking at the ceremony, there is not the heavy service components that are found in a reception, therefore the advantages of a raw space, or an event space can become easily managed. The unique nature of these types of spaces can also offer some individuality and personality. Utilizing nearby event space or a multiservice venue to handle the reception portion, you can pair the required combined service options for ease of execution. This allows the uniqueness of the raw/event space to offer a transformative experience for your wedding. I encourage everyone to think of all three spaces and look at the entire wedding in totality. This will best serve you and your loved one’s needs on this significant life-altering occasion.

A well informed plan, always leads to an enhanced experience!