How to plan the perfect outdoor spring wedding


Whose senses do not connect with the sights, sounds and smells of a spring wedding? The beautiful scent of flowers blossoming, the glint of the sun reflecting on vibrant new spring leaves as a soft breeze blows!
To me this is what lifetime memories are made of!
So now comes the challenge! We can all agree that the perfect Spring day is the ultimate outdoor environment to set the stage for your nuptials.
If you are so inclined to have an outdoor springtime wedding, here 4 key tips to help you plan for the best but be prepared for most scenarios:

1, Establish what you’re perfect environment is, be considerate of time of day and use the almanac to give you an indicator of weather probability.
2, When factoring you’re outside location be aware of proximity to parking, restrooms and power if needed.
3, Set dedicated areas for: Guest arrival, Ceremony, Post Ceremony Gathering (cocktails)
and Reception (food).
Guest arrival is your first impression and the meeting area should be an easily identifiable area.
The ceremony location should be chosen with a view or a focal point as well as consideration of where your guests will be, always keeping in mind a clear view. A hill with a slight slope works well to set the stage. Think of the wedding party arrival, a grand entrance with an element of surprise is always memorable.
The Post Ceremony (Cocktails) area should be in a close proximity to the ceremony area but offer a different visual perspective. Flat ground is most desirable, patios and terraces are great areas for this type of gathering.
The reception area is very important, look for an environment that is multifaceted. This is where most of your guests time will be spent. The function of this space is paramount, close proximity to the restrooms, and if there are areas of shade that is alway’s welcomed.
4, Create for the best but plan for the challenges Mother Nature may present. This is the area where I feel most people get overwhelmed and end up walking away from their outdoor dream wedding. However this does not have to be the case, create a satisfactory alternative plan in the case of inclement weather. In the event that weather is not cooperating with your outdoor plans your fore sight will become invaluable.
The most simple alternative plan is working with a restaurant, club or a venue that will already be handling the food and beverage,with the outdoor plan they often will be able to provide an indoor space that everything can be moved into or under in relatively short order. His plan often does come with an up charge as a rain or inclement weather contingency plan. However it is often greatly reduced in cost by your existing food and beverage agreement. This additional expense typically does not have to be engaged unless the option is exercised.
The other alternative plan is to utilize tenting. Tenting has improved tremendously over the years and now there is a tent for almost any situation. Tenting prices can range drastically based upon the type of environment you are looking for and also things like flooring, power, and air-conditioning. Make sure to get multiple estimates with a wide variety of options.
Many times my clients say “if we have to move inside it will ruin the ambience of our wedding”. Not true,
keep in mind nobody knows what your big day is supposed to look like but you! It is important to keep your wedding plans a secret so that there are no preconceived expectation’s.
Think about it, when we go someplace and it’s a beautiful day outside we are so grateful to be there! In contrast if the weather is not cooperating we are happy to be indoors.
In closing, With my 20+ years of work I have very rarely had to exercise a weather contingency plan. I attribute this to always putting into place a good easily exercisable contingency plan. With this in place you can rest assured whatever plans mother nature might have you are at peace.
The intrinsic beauty of nature speaks to all of us. As a designer I will never be able to come close to creating anything as beautiful as spring time outdoors!
Be courageous, plan well, and surround yourself around a good team and most of all enjoy!!!