Live Your Dream!

The onset of new love brings a flurry of a spectacular series of significant moments that resonate to the core of our being. In the case of your true love, the experience incomparable and indescribable to any other! It is truly a magical gift! The quest for true love is almost universal and the belief for those searching is very real. It is the essence of this belief that I am so enamored with. Finding ones true love is a miraculous feat but understanding and relating to someone who is in the pursuit of it is where is the magic and mystery around love begins. The process defies logic, this is why I like it so much because it requires believing in something bigger than us.

For me one of the most important moments of the wedding is at the “I do” moment. The reason is not only for the significance of the couple to be wed but what happens to everybody who is witnessing it. Being in the wedding business, I have experienced this moment many many times over and every time there is an intangible happening that takes place. There is a catalyzing of this belief of true love amongst all who are participating. Mixture of hope, optimism, nostalgia, gratitude all play a part in this wonderful intangible concoction. Weddings are a time of giving and unifying to your community. Often couples come to me wanting to share their happiness with all their guests. I love this approach over the years we have come up with ways to express this.

One way that I am quite fond of comes from a old Eastern European tradition of taking a small piece of the wedding cake, placing it in a very petite box, adding a beautiful bow, and a simple note saying “Place this under your pillow tonight and dream of your true love”. The adorable boxes can be either stacked on a table and handed out at the  conclusion of the wedding, or placed on serving trays and passed out by waitstaff. I love the magical nature of this gesture and how it embodies belief of true love, which may defy logic but does not stop the inherent drive of the human spirit to pursue!! Love is a gift filled with magic and wonder. I implore all those who have found it to share in the blessings with all you can!

Live your dream!