Live Casting Your Wedding Online

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It was the mid 90s and Tom Noel was working with Aerin Lauder on her Wedding. Her grandmother, Estee Lauder, was unable to attend this important moment which was of great concern to the entire family. Technology is not what it is today but was in rapid development, Tom and the team came up with the idea of sending a live signal direct to Estée Lauder.

This was a significant breakthrough at the time allowing grandmother and granddaughter to share that timeless moment together and overcoming all physical obstacles. Today live casting is available to all however having that one special person dedicated and knowledgeable on how to capture the Happening, and a website and invite system that would allow for your desired audience to tune in and share with you on that special memory is another thing.

The IDoCelebrate team has created a simple, effective and affordable way to harness a broader audience on your special day.

At IDoCelebrate, we encourage all of our clients to set up live cast at their wedding. The benefits of live casting are tremendous – as said by Tom Noel, “It gives people a feeling of significance for people who can’t attend.” Additionally, the benefits of broadcasting your event online extends to the hosts as well. “Live casting gives a lighter load on the host – less attendees means less guests to cater to” –Tom Noel.

What makes an event special is when we collectively focus on a moment. Whether your guests can make your event or not, know you always have the ability to share it with them. Share the moment, enhance the experience, and burn in this memory.



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