April 13, 2016

How to have a gorgeous wedding on a budget


It’s too bad that such a great sum of money, $10,000, is considered a challenging sum to pull off a beautiful wedding. In reality the beautiful wedding is not dictated by the budget but rather by creatively planning within your means. Here are three key points that will allow you to exceed expectations within your budgetary parameters

1, location location location! There are many beautiful iconic locations that are available to have a wedding that won’t break the bank. By starting with an affordable option, you will pave the path for some of the key ingredients to add, making your wedding truly unique. Try looking through the park systems they are a great place to start.

2, Consider the time of your wedding. There are only about 40 Saturday evenings available each year to hold a wedding therefore they come at a premium price. Consider a brunch, lunch or late afternoon wedding they can be absolutely beautiful delivering all the same details but avoiding the premium price.

3, Size! When factoring the size of the wedding if it becomes cost prohibitive due to size consider a destination wedding or elopement. This will allow you to greatly reduce costs while simultaneously elevating impact. Upon return you can always put together a simple cocktail reception inviting the larger group at a fraction of the cost. Or you may also want to consider live-casting. My newest company noel.events offers this service allowing you to invite guests to view your wedding live from the convenience of their home. This is a great option for certain people that due to physical, career or family reasons will not be able to attend physically but would very much enjoy to be involved.

Most important, have fun be creative and embrace the gift that you have found your life partner!

Tom Noel

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