How to Create an Out-of-the-Box Wedding

Long gone are the days that weddings are confined to country clubs, hotel ballrooms and banquet halls. I will always remain committed to the classic wedding, however I must admit I love the creativity and expressionism that is being introduced more and more in today’s weddings.

Weddings have evolved over the years while still maintaining the general flow of ceremony, cocktails and reception. I recommend working within this basic format, it has evolved over hundreds of years and with good reason it works. Keep in mind if you’re just the foundation from there the options are endless.

Gathering people together for the ceremony creates anticipation and focus knowing something joyful is about to happen and a celebration to follow really sets the tone. The surprise of seeing the first time couple in the ceremony separate from you but connected through the experience helps to set the stage. As the couple exchanges their vows we in the audience can relate from memories of their past, present and future. This is such a common but important moment in so many people’s lives. Then comes one of my favorite parts, that moment when they kiss and announce newlywed!

This moment catalyzes everybody that is present and rings in the excitement and wonder that is carried throughout the rest of the wedding. Who besides that random jealous ex doesn’t want to jump into the aisle and congratulate the couple as they begin their new life together!

That magnetic WE moment has arrived! Now let’s move away from the ceremony setting, to an open social interaction environment (cocktails), maybe adding in some food, some drinks, soft entertainment and let the celebration begin! After you and your guests have had some time to connect and celebrate without much structure involved, it is time to get the group back together and begin the reception. The reception has some direction in format, but now the focus is on everyone. Dining wining and dancing! You and your community celebrate the new life and relationships that will be created through your marriage! So now we have established the format let’s begin to create something totally unique to you.

I will share with you an out-of-the-box wedding that my company offers. We respect the foundation, but we are altering a few key components resulting in something totally unique. We start off with a digital invitation service. Save the date, main invitation as well as a welcome kit. This allows you to design, create, send, monitor and track your entire guest list electronically, as well as send key information to your entire group at any time.

For transportation why worry about parking? can organize Buster Event transportation for you and your guests. Typically the costs are less than a valet company and parking fees. Assuring all your friends and family will make it to and from safe and sound.

For your ceremony imagine the sun setting over the beautiful Miami skyline, as your guests gather on a sandy beach. The sound of a beautiful Spanish guitar playing in the background. The two of you exchange vows surrounded by fresh flower petals with the echo of the soft surf.

For those guests unable to attend, not to worry! With you can now live- cast your entire happening so that everybody around the planet you invite will be able to share in that precious moment! After the welcoming of the new couple, Imagine we walk you to a cocktail reception under swaying palm trees.

Day turns to night; we illuminate candle lit lanterns marking the pathway to your ocean side reception. Your guests are pleasantly surprised as they walk into the warm inviting seaside dining area. With a beautiful buffet by one or two of the top rated, gastronomically savvy, food trucks we now see everywhere. Accompanied by a Tiki inspired cocktail station. In the center of the space is the dance floor accompanied by a DJ, bongo drummer and sax ensemble. Barefoot on the beach, you, your family and friends will be dining and dancing the moonlit night away.

By dramatically altering the environment you are able to significantly impact the experience and truly make it unique. Not to mention a tremendous savings in time and money.

I encourage everyone to pursue the wedding of their dreams! If Out of the box is your dream then go for it! Follow the foundation in the format, but break the mold in the execution. All memories are made while being present! Nothing gives us more awareness than the excitement of something new!

Embrace your blessings, your new union! With all of the added beauty and uniqueness you bring to each other. Share this with your community this is your gift to them!



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