How not to be a bridezilla

Over the years we have lost touch of what a wedding is really about.
The modern-day bridezilla is a result of our current narcissistic tendencies.

My approach
A conversation I have with my perspective engaged clients to help embrace a positively charged wedding:
First and foremost is to acknowledge that a miracle has occurred. With the billions of people on this wonderful planet of ours, to find your soul mate is truly a gift.
The proposal and the engagement is a magical time for the two of them and one to be cherished.
The wedding is the public announcement of their union. This occasion has the ability to bring together two communities to witness this marriage. The strength and support that comes when a community gets together to support a couple’s new life is a tremendous moment.
It is a couple’s opportunity to embrace their blessings and gifts by providing a welcoming environment that symbolizes their gratitude to their community.

In the most simple terms a wedding is not about an individual, it is about a union and the more that we can be concentrating on how others can benefit by this experience the better experience will be!

The solution:
Be grateful for the tremendous blessing that has been bestowed upon you to have found your life partner, focus your positivity towards creating an environment that reflects this gratitude and share that with those around you.
The greatest accomplishment in one’s life will always for the benefit of someone or something other than yourself.
Focus on the greater good of others as they to support you on this special moment; bridezilla will be crushed and a beautiful memory of a lifetime will be made![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]