Happy Halloween!!

It took a while to get here but without a doubt fall is in the air! With its welcomed cool breeze and beautiful autumnal colors, I look forward with anticipation of this year’s holiday season beginning with one of my favorites, Halloween!

Halloween embodies so many of the elements of the season. The most important of all these to me is the change. I often define life as a succession of changes, but looking at the contrary what is something that never changes? Being a fan of all things ghoulish and scary, I relate to the significance in a celebration honoring those who are no longer among us. However, this was never the attraction of Halloween to me. Similar to the seasons, I love the idea of being able to transform, even if only for one day, into someone or something else and share with my anonymity amongst my fellow humans!

Halloween and it’s trick or treat tradition embraces the fun and playful side of the human spirit in our yearning to reveal some inner desires of our true selves.

Over the years the commercial aspect of the holiday season has become so overwhelming it’s easy to lose touch with what we are really celebrating. It is important for all of us to focus on what the essence of the holiday celebration is about; the ability to connect and celebrate each other’s individuality. Commercial aspects aside, given the overwhelming pace we are all required to run in order to balance our daily lives. I implore everyone whether through a grand, or even the most simple of gestures,  embrace the change, celebrate the season and have a Happy Halloween!


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