Habit or Necessity – Part 2

With my car now parked, at my office garage, I usually take five minutes for meditation and prayer utilizing the Insight Timing app. I am now able to have those zen moments from almost any place and at any time. Upon entering the office, I engage in some pleasantries with my coworkers before I get to the job at hand. This may entail interruption via a pat on the shoulder or a look around the corner into their space to gather their attention as most are logged onto a computer screen in conjunction with headphones in place usually plugged into a smart phone. 

I rush to my computer with a sense of urgency to check up on all the emails; even though knowing in the back of my mind I know I am up-to-date as they all come in instantaneously to my smart-phone, which I have been monitoring since my eyes opened in the morning. And many-a-times only reading the emails and telling myself I will wait until I get to the office to reply. I justify these actions under the premise of time management but to be honest, I am beginning to feel habit plays a big part of it.

In our office, we embrace a task management and team communication system online called Asana. This amazing system allows for us to have open dialogue with each other and monitor and communicate on expectation and execution instantaneously. More and more, as time goes on, I see our interactions happening more frequently through these systems as the real-time interactions are more or less interruptions, disrupting the pattern or rhythm of our workflow. Currently we are knee-deep into the development of our start up noel.events – a first-of-its-kind special events design, planning and production service. The key ingredient is that everything noel.events does is integrated through online processing. We are currently in our beta and are producing in five major cities simultaneously. In order to make everything flow – we have created online profiles for our customers, portals for our vendors and a dashboard system for our entire team to integrate instantaneously. The company utilizes no paper, therefore all information is stored virtually and can be accessed online from anywhere at anytime.

Coming from the world of xeroxes, fax machines, filing cabinets and three-ring binder’s – this is a radical change for me. This has not been done instantaneously, as the process has taken years to adapt to, but now I am able to function at a higher level of proficiency than ever before. I find myself questioning how necessary particular daily routines are and whether or not I am doing them out of habit or need? Specifically, I am looking at the classic work week: five days a week, eight hours a day, morning prep, daily commute, lunch break, and taking an inefficient motor transportation along a congested path (side note: that same path is contributing to the rapid decline of our environment). All of which, I arrive at a place providing me with the same access that I already have at my home or on my mobile device. The major difference now is the physical presence of coworkers in an office environment, all of which are interfacing through technology with little difference on outcome.

Now I’m not saying I have the solution or that interactions with electronic devices can replace anin-personn interaction – not at all. However, I do believe I am acting much more from habit. Need to take a step back and look at a better way for myself in the world around me. Being in the special events industry for the bulk of my life has made me a huge proponent of social interaction and the benefits of connecting. I am a firm believer that there is an intangible energy released when we as a people unite. I take great pride in helping people get together to punctuate significant moments. The majority of these significant moments have helped shape and make me the person I am today. All of these moments were involving human interaction. I see the value in quality over quantity with a strong focus on global awareness. Today, I am striving to embrace change and look at things as they are versus as they once were. Striving towards a life that focuses on longevity for all, which maximizes our finite time professionally and personally. Ultimately, eliminating redundancy and focusing on quality connections in both my personal and professional life.  By breaking these habits of time, I’m able to embrace the amazing opportunities presented today.

Experience life’s present!