East and West in The Forbidden City, Beijing, China

Constructed on what is to be considered the most hallowed ground in all of China and a palace built on such a scale, there is no falsehood that it is called “The Forbidden City”. “The Forbidden City” has an energy all of its own! China is a grand scale country, therefore, when it came to entertain a group made up of 1,500 Americans and Chinese, hosted in the capital city of Beijing, we rolled out the red carpet! As we lit “The Forbidden City,” and all the beautiful buildings in a magical vibrant red, the arriving guests were greeted by 200 illuminated lanterns held by greeters dressed in authentic Palace attire.

Upon arrival into the temple, traditional cocktails and authentic Chinese street food were offered while guest listened to the Beijing Philharmonic Orchestra. Guests were ushered from cocktails to dinner by a giant 40 foot Dragon!  A custom-built clear tent provided the environment for a 16-course meal dinner, prepared by China’s top chef from the Saint Regis Hong Kong! Opening remarks were given by General Wesley Clark and two-term former President Bill Clinton. Entertainment started off with 50 Palace Drummers, then on to a mesmerizing set by the World Class Chinese Opera.

From there, the amazing 1000 Hands Show performed and were finished off by to the True Kung Fu extravaganza. As dessert was place down, four-time Grammy winner Lionel Richie provided the perfect performance, to firmly set a memory of a lifetime for all who attended.