Clean Energy

One of the most important topics of today is clean energy. How to create it efficiently, affordably and effectively deliver it. Myself not being a scientist nor an engineer; I too am standing in the audience waiting for the next breakthrough.

However, I can see a strong parallel between the value of clean energy as it pertains to our mechanized world and the tremendous beneficial impact it can have when I compare it to the creation of a Happening. Over the years, I have been thoroughly enamored with the human condition, particularly our ability to get behind a cause and unite and elevate our experiences through group energy. The group energy can manifest itself in all different manner, some of which are much less appealing than others. Using the term – clean energy – with an event for me has always lead to beautiful experiences and magical memories.

Curating Happenings to produce clean energy requires a firm belief in the intangibles that strike a chord with our subconscious, which is harnessed in an environment. This belief is about the greater good, not focusing on individuals, but on “we” as a whole. Happenings are not created by one individual but rather by many who are participating, whether it is as a guest or within the production; it is all relevant in creating clean energy.

I find by practicing these principles and taking individual importance out and replacing it with what is the value of the greater good, creates environments that are unique and comfortable. At the same time allowing for participants to effortlessly engage while simultaneously excite and intrigue, this opens up the window for us to become present. This unique occurrence allowing to amplify a positive experience that resonates through a greater group is what allows for the creation of clean energy in a Happening. Time and time again – applying these principles have led to spectacular results that further increase my infatuation with the human condition.

As I stand in the audience looking forward to the next wave of innovation which will lead to clean energy in the mechanized world on a global scale, I sit confidently with our ability to unite with the intentions of the greater good while paired with our ability to think slightly outside of the box. Allowing for us, as we as a people ,to evolve utilizing our internal resources for greater understanding of the miraculous power of “we”and its infinite ability to generate clean energy.

Experience life’s present,