Celebration of Past Present and Future in Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China, is a very fast-growing, dynamic city. True sophistication in throwing events, is always, understanding your guests. When my American client approached us to create something spectacular in Shanghai to welcome prospective Chinese clients, we decided to do an expose on a grand scale of the amazing city of Shanghai from a past, present, and future perspective. Upon arrival, guests were transported to a magical kingdom with a beautiful display of light and water. As guests entered the space, they were immediately greeted by characters portraying talents from old Shanghai. Under the beautiful ornate 80 foot dome placed, was a spectacular 25 foot spherical flowers arrangement. Culinary vignettes surrounded the cocktail environment featuring Chinese dishes prepared in traditional style. The over 1000 guests were invited to join in the grand festivities. The  journey to the magical Ballroom was enhanced by a colorful Shanghai umbrella show, while passing old Shanghai-inspired street signs with the names of the companies attending tonight’s event. The colossal arched Ballroom surrounded by 100 foot tall screens, projected an active view of old shanghai, while within the room, rickshaws passed food to the tables. On the three main stages, enormous flags held by old world costumed staff waved back and forth welcoming the guests.

The 80 person Chinese drum troop were beating on the drums, as guests were seated . Tonight’s host was one of Shanghai’s most notable TV personalities and invited the Executive Chef from the Grand Hyatt Shanghai on stage, who welcomed everyone, and engaged the dinner service. While guests dined on the multicourse meal, they were entertained by hundreds of performers ranging from acrobatic acts to theatrical performances playing-out key scenes from Shanghai’s history. As each course progressed, so did the time frame. Food evolved in harmony, with entertainment from past to present. The grand room dimmed and was filled with low lying fog as robotic looking waiters brought in a lit desert enhanced by liquid nitrogen.

The room came to life with the future architecture now being revealed on active view of the beautiful Shanghai skyline, projected in 360°. On the main stage, the multi Grammy award-winning group En Vogue performed leaving all guests energized and invigorated about the promise of the wonderful and exciting new world to come!