Carnival at World Trade! New York

Imagination is one of our greatest gifts! When entertaining, playing with the imagination to transport your guests to another place or time, will always lead to an amazing memory. For this gala event, our guests started their day in the bustling, busy city of New York. With the tap of a magic wand, they were transported to the the warm and exciting world of Carnival! The night was all created just for them, at World Trade in the heart of New York. Inspired by the great Carnivals of Rio de Janeiro, with lots and lots of colorful Native Brazilian dancers. Amazing food and drinks created by Chef extraordinaire Daniel. The beautiful space was surrounded in a brilliant sea of red, accented with spectacular tropical foliage. Fantastic music performances by four-time Grammy Award Winner Lionel Richie and a hysterical performance by Emmy & Tony Award Winner Martin Short, helped facilitate the fun, wild, and entertaining  mood of Carnival.