Blessing During the Holidays

The holidays are a GREAT time to ask for a parent or loved one’s blessing. It’s the time to give from the heart and to recognize what we are grateful for.
As we celebrate each other, we all recognize the true meaning of family. What better way to unite, by popping the question to your significant other! Having a bit trouble on how or when is the right moment?

Additionally, it is a time of gathering where families merge together, embrace each other, and share traditions. This special occurrence with the combination of families and traditions is what makes the holidays a great time to ask that question which so many dread. After you have received the blessing now comes the fun part. Popping the question!
I suggest you find an intimate space such as a park that is near to you. Invite the love of your life on a stroll and when your heart cant wait any longer ask that life affirming question “will you marry me?!!!!!!”
Assuming all goes as planned the two of you will be beaming with joy! After a time to relish in the moment as a couple, you now can go back and share the amazing news with your family and loved ones visiting for the holidays.
So if you’ve been thinking about popping the question, consider asking during this Holiday Season . Make this year a year to remember. Chances are the father will be in a great mood, satisfied with great food and drinks, and surrounded by his loved ones. We bet her father will appreciate you asking.
Good luck!