July 28, 2016

Wedding or Elopement?


I don’t think there is an individual who’s gone through the process of planning their wedding who hasn’t contemplated the question “should we have a local wedding with friends and family or should we elope?”

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July 23, 2016

The future is so bright!


I envision in the near future, the ability for an individual to contemplate the idea of a happening by simply reaching out online. To find an informative, resourceful and reliable provider, that will allow you to create complete happenings of any type, of any size, in any location with any budget. The customers will have the choice to determine to fund their happening on their own, or with the help of a greater audience. Once reserved, customers will be given complete access to their entire happening details, allowing them change and amend their happening in real time. Assisted by a first rate happening management team, accessible to them from anywhere at anytime. Offering companies as well as individuals a complete array of services, encompassing all aspects of requirements for the creation of memorable moments. All presented and managed through a certified network. This service will allow clients to utilize one source, to manage everything, review and refine all details within their personal time frame.

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Tom Noel • Event Guru • Happenings.Events