To Love As you Are

blog friday 13th

I love myself as I am with all of the benefits and shortcomings, always remembering I am right sized in my creator’s eyes. I struggle with this concept often, it so much easier said than done. Ironically there is no required action other than acceptance. In my goal oriented world whether mental, physical or spiritual I always seem to be in pursuit of improvement.

Improvement is growth, and it is vital to my evolution. However without having acceptance of who I am today, I am limiting my ability to relate with those around me. As they only see me as I am, not who I aspire to be.

I think it’s at the core of our ability to find our soulmate. With my acceptance of me, I am able to appreciate others as they are. You know how the saying goes “for good or bad for better for worse” this is one of my most cherished blessings. We are all so much more alike than we are different, and when we can get to the core of that we can realize and appreciate our true beauty.

The same philosophy pertains so much to the successful creation of a truly beautiful wedding.

I think too often we lose focus of this when planning a wedding. Often the external details seem to get tied up in what we are aspiring to be, rather than who we are. This often can be compounded when working with large families. And although I do believe for the most part, everybody’s intentions are good. Similar to our intentions to strive for personal growth. Weddings are an acknowledgement of a union, that union is who we are today in this moment, not who we are aspiring to be. The more we stay true to this, the more the people that attend will be able to relate, connect and celebrate.

This true vision is always the most beautiful and kind, and it will manifest itself in infinite variety. Whether it is a simple ceremony under an oak tree or a grand cathedral, the result independently is insignificant. Much more important is the alignment of ideals and personality that form the connection.

This process of aligning personalities and ideals when creating weddings, is my most favorite part. Often people start the process with ideas copied from others which is understandable, however the fun part is when we start to infuse their personalities and ideals into the process. What always comes out of it is something as unique as each one of us.

Just as I struggle with the concept of acceptance, I understand the difficulties in letting go and letting it all hang out as you are. Be fearless and truthful in your creation, keep it in line with who you are today, for within that is life’s true beauty. It is this beauty that will unite your friends, family and community and build a memory to carry a lifetime!

Experience life present