The Presents have Arrived

When I started my journey in the event industry, my very first event was a wedding. I was enamored and enthused through the privilege of participating in helping others and creating a wedding. My passion came in the creative state of working to shape and form something extraordinary. The moment announcing the union of two people, has given me the drive to exceed expectations.

In this career, people seek out my services in time for this great joy. My responsibility is immersed in a variety of tasks. But my greatest responsibility of all, is to translate a couple’s dream into reality. Along the way I realized my craft was only reaching a small amount of very fortunate people. I am very grateful for the amazing opportunities my clients have provided. However, I have always known spectacular results are dictated by creativity, not budget. I asked myself, “If there was an approach to share my knowledge of my craft to a larger audience? Was there a way to help others inspire, create, reserve, and attend Happenings through the quick access of the internet and apply a first rate client and vendor management system built with economies of scale and turn those savings back to the customer?” In 2008 I set out to engage and produce my idea. This led to the creation of
By creating this immersive platform of weddings and Happenings online, we effectively inspire a process to evaluate options and engage execution immediately. This gives customers quick access to refine, add, and amend changes at their fingertips. We allow them to live their lives without handling the distractions and stresses of their own Happening. We give our customers something to anticipate and look forward to.
Step-by-step, with the help of many talented individuals, we have created an entirely new way to successfully plan and produce Happenings, in an industry that is resistant to change and is desperately due for an overhaul. After over 8 years of testing and refining, with thousands of customers, we have achieved a desired result and now it’s time to introduce this wonderful product to the world! I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed bringing this great service to life and how excited I am to share it with everyone. From all walks of life, we welcome you to gather your family, friends and community, and come create and celebrate simply and elegantly!

Experience life’s present,


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