May 19, 2016

Is it worth it?


In today’s world so many of us can have almost anything, at anytime, accessible to us at the press of a button. I hear people talking about significant moments coming up, and their dread in putting everything together. I’ve heard them saying it’s just not worth all of that work to me. This is one of those moments when I use penance of tongue. And I’m sure, as many of you are reading this, you’re saying, wait a second I too feel that way sometimes, it is too much work. My reply is, there is work
and a great deal of it. However it is that attention and effort that resonates in the results, as the saying goes nothing great without effort. I have a hard time with that mentality, of that it’s just too hard to do and therefore to not do it at all. At home I have a similar conversation with my 13-year-old about school and his homework, and the response that I provide him is similar to the response that was provided to me by my parents.

“It is hard work, and it is not always fun, but by putting in the effort today, you are preparing for a better life to come” For most of my childhood, this feedback went in one ear and out the other, and I understand the look on my 13-year-old’s face when I offer this handed down advice.

Now as for the most part, a mature adult. I agree to this philosophy and try to apply it in my life everyday. Let me emphasize, I try to apply it but it is progress and not perfection. In understanding the fundamental nature of entertaining, I have become attuned to the fact, that there is an unseen communication that takes place between the participants. Many things can affect this communication, but one thing for sure is effort put forth in the proper context will translate to your guests as thoughtful loving hospitality.

A Happening does not only bear on the results of the work, the intentions, but efforts also greatly affect the outcome. I don’t know how this works, but I am sure that it does. There have been times where we have worked on a project day in and day out, endlessly, and we put everything together working tirelessly. Then at the very last minute I stand back and look at the results, and realize it wasn’t everything I had expected it to be. Had we put our best foot forward? Had we tried to the best of our abilities? Yes, our intentions were good, but was it everything it could be? Not yet, but then the guests come into the space and start to breathe energy into it, and the areas which I felt it was lacking, are now filled with joy and excitement. With smiles from ear to ear on my client’s face, I realize my vision was limited in comparison to the wonderful reality of the moment. And all of the effort and energy that was put forth by all of the people to make this moment happen, gets carried
on to the guests.

So my take on all this is, without all of the effort, the results sometimes can be satisfactory but never exemplary. For me life is a journey, and I am here to live it to the fullest! Satisfactory results are certainly something I am grateful for. However, given the option to push myself, and focus on something greater than me, to deliver exemplary results, is spending my precious time on this planet well!
Now I am not saying that if you don’t have time to dedicate, to plan and host events, with extreme complexity you are bound to get a satisfactory result at best. What I am saying is, I understand that building a memory that lasts a lifetime takes considerable effort. So surround yourself with people that adhere to the same philosophy, communicate your hopes and intentions, be willing to cut scale but not passion for your moment.

The results will be lifelong and more than worth it!

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