Engagement! What’s next?


Putting a plan in place
This is a very exciting time and one that is a joy and an honor to share with family and friends.
My recommendation is prior to sharing the news, talk with your partner regarding the weddings’ vision. Whether it is recapping what has already been discussed or brainstorming on what it could be. I assure you it will prove to be tremendously beneficial and exciting!

Forming a basic plan:
1  Where?
Think on a big picture here, destination or local? country or city? Indoors or outdoors?
Note* whether for logistics or budget it is very common for couples to select a small destination wedding, and then offer a simple cocktail reception upon return from their honeymoon to celebrate with those guests that were not able to attend. You may also want to consider live-casting. My newest company, noel.events offers this service allowing you to invite guests to view your wedding live from anywhere there is WiFi or cellular service. This is a great option for certain people that due to physical, career or family reasons would not be able to attend physically but would very much love to be included.
2  Large or small?
From an intimate elopement to a grand scale wedding.
Think this through and look at immediate family and friends and combine these numbers. Then factor work and or school associations along with other family communities such as parents and relatives, the number can grow quickly. This number can greatly affect your timing and budget.
Note* Keep in mind family and friends sometimes will try to influence this number, so if on the onset the two of you agree as to what you want, your ability to share that from the beginning will set the tone and hopefully minimize outside influence.
3  When do you want to get married?
Think about favorite seasons, pull up a calendar and look at potential dates alway’s keeping in mind holiday schedules.
Note* wedding’s are most congested in the spring and fall. Planning your wedding outside of peak season can offer benefits in flexibility of schedule and budget concerns.
4  Casual or formal?
Weddings today are open to reflect your sensibilities. This has more to do with the theme and feeling you want to create.
5  Time of day
Morning? afternoon?or evening?
I love them all, if natures background in something you’re considering daylight is a key ingredient.
Note* lunch or brunch receptions do offer you budgetary advantages while utilizing attractive locations.
Contemplating these five steps together will definitely reveal some obstacles. Not to worry. The simple fact that the two of you have found each other is proof positive that it is meant to be. The solutions will present themselves, by the two of you taking this time to discuss create your basic plan, it will allow you both to share your recent engagement news openly as well as independently with a single direction.
When you think about it, planning a successful wedding calls on a lot of the same tools that you will be utilizing in your successful marriage. Your ability to work together to create an environment that is indicative of who you are as a couple, then network and collaborate with friends and family to pronounce this union to your community.
Most importantly have fun and stay in the moment!