The Beauty Is In The Mix!

Perfectionism is something I dealt with my whole life. I remember a lesson I learned that helped me a great deal with perfectionism and design. I was working for the late great Robert Isabel on a production for a major New York socialite wedding, taking place on their property in the Hamptons. The wedding was […]

Live Your Dream!

The onset of new love brings a flurry of a spectacular series of significant moments that resonate to the core of our being. In the case of your true love, the experience incomparable and indescribable to any other! It is truly a magical gift! The quest for true love is almost universal and the belief for those searching […]

Love in Fall

With the fall season just around the corner. I eagerly anticipate the change. Growing up in the Midwest seasons offered for dramatic changes to both environment and lifestyle. For the environment, I have always enjoyed the onset of the cool weather and a welcomed change of attire. The fall foliage has to be one of nature’s most spectacular shows […]

White Light Experience

Eight years ago, I had what I relate to as the white light experience during which past, present, and future all became crystal-clear. My vision for the destiny of the special events industry, and what steps needed to be taken for me to embrace it were invited into my conscious. Ever since then I have put a plan […]

The Power of the Linen

One of the easiest ways to create an effect when entertaining is to introduce color to your linen selection. Whether it’s a gathering of 2 or 2,000,a family dining room or a grand ballroom, linens play a significant role. A simple change of bringing in color through the table linen can change the whole feel of […]

Pick by Potential

Have you ever gone out looking at a home, and fell in love with a particular feature? Like a view? Now with that view set in our minds, we judge all other options against it. Did we consider that it was important due to the particular time of day that we walked in to the […]

Wedding or Elopement?

I don’t think there is an individual who’s gone through the process of planning their wedding who hasn’t contemplated the question “should we have a local wedding with friends and family or should we elope?”

The future is so bright!

I envision in the near future, the ability for an individual to contemplate the idea of a happening by simply reaching out online. To find an informative, resourceful and reliable provider, that will allow you to create complete happenings of any type, of any size, in any location with any budget. The customers will have […]

Picking Space

I like to think of Happening spaces in three primary categories. First a raw space, second an event space, and third a multi-service venue. All of these can be indoors or outdoors, and in many cases a combination of both.

The power of we!

As far back as I can remember I’ve always been challenged by my shyness, the security of grabbing onto my mom or dad’s leg when meeting someone new. Through my teens my shyness tendency often would overwhelm me. Things like the first day of school, or attending the dance were often dreaded as much as anticipated. The concept of […]