100 Million Holiday Trees

As far back as I can remember one of my favorite past times during the holiday season was laying under the Christmas tree gazing up through the branches , lights and ornaments. Christmas trees have been a celebratory statement for centuries. The tradition began in Germany and is now celebrated with an estimated 100 million […]

Share in this Holidays Presents

The holiday season is here! With a last name like Noel, it is hard not to embrace it. Good news even with all of its preconceived expectations, the abundance of materialism and commercialism, I cannot help but to succumb to what I believe is the true gift of the holidays, togetherness.

Habit or Necessity – Part 1

Do you ever feel like you are doing something just for the sake of comfort and not need? This wonderful world we live in is progressing at such a rapid rate that it is not so much what we as a people can evolve into, but rather how much of this evolution I can absorb and […]

Clean Energy

One of the most important topics of today is clean energy. How to create it efficiently, affordably and effectively deliver it. Myself not being a scientist nor an engineer; I too am standing in the audience waiting for the next breakthrough.

Habit or Necessity – Part 2

With my car now parked, at my office garage, I usually take five minutes for meditation and prayer utilizing the Insight Timing app. I am now able to have those zen moments from almost any place and at any time. Upon entering the office, I engage in some pleasantries with my coworkers before I get […]

Happy Halloween!!

It took a while to get here but without a doubt fall is in the air! With its welcomed cool breeze and beautiful autumnal colors, I look forward with anticipation of this year’s holiday season beginning with one of my favorites, Halloween!


One of the things I enjoy most in the turning dreams into reality business of event design is the collaboration process. Entertaining is a very intimate process if handled properly. As mentioned in my previous blog , coming up with a singular theme and carrying it across all aspects of an event , is such an important element. One […]

Go Long on One

A great way to get people present and build a lifetime memory is to take one common thing and focus on it; then weave that into your happening from beginning to end. Whether it is a sight, sound, texture, or a taste – infuse this one special element throughout. Let’s use for example a sunset. […]

Invitations the first impression

In a world that is going a million miles a minute – first impressions play such a significant role in setting the tone for your Happening. One of the best secrets in capturing an amazing invitation is to pull it from your overall Happening conceptual design. It often goes against peoples initial reaction to create […]

That’s Entertainment

The difference between an audience style entertainment and event entertainment is quite significant. However ironically we tend to choose entertainment for our events based upon the audience style performances.